Never Grow Food Alone Again

No gardener has all the answers, but together we do!

A community of organic gardeners who are intentional about harvesting their own fruits, and vegetables, during a time of:
❌ Rising grocery prices
❌ Fragile food supply chains and
❌ Disconnection from the process of growing food
can be the richest source of wisdom and inspiration so you can start feeding your family the freshest, cleanest, most local food money can't buy.
We are Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, and Humans coming together to grow our own food and medicine with God in the Garden.
Together we strive to live more intentionally, healthier, and sustainable to be good stewards of the earth we were given.

We connect together to inspire and teach ourselves & our children to find freedom and abundance by growing our garden and growing our community.

Confidently grow pesticide-free food in any space with any schedule.

"There are close to a billion pounds of toxic chemicals intentionally introduced into the environment and our food supply each year.”

                                - Environmental Protection Agency research findings                                                   summarized by the Pesticide Action Network

When you grow your own food, you know exactly what goes into it.  And you marvel at the process that the journey from seed to your supper takes.
In the GIY Community, learn simple gardening techniques that you can implement today, alongside new and advanced gardeners, permaculturists, and sustainability enthusiasts.

Grow organic food for your specific climate, situation, and needs.

Be in Community with faith-based families, homeschool moms & dads, and people around the country (and a few abroad) committed to caring for the planet.

Know where your food comes from, even if you don't grow it yourself. 
Simplify your meals, lessen waste, and preserve what you grow.

Find connection with the Creator by showing up and tending to his creation. 

Why join the GIY Community?

You need this skill of growing food yourself.
But it can't just be downloaded into your brain.  The life skill of farming is usually passed down from generation to generation. 
With the GIY Community, you will:
  1. Interact with productive food gardeners in YOUR specific growing zone!  
    1. Figure out what to grow in your climate and when to grow.
  2. Close any "knowledge gaps" through our "Watch Party Wednesday" series, where we curate leading expert talks on topics such as:
    1. Soil Health
    2. Seasonal Fruit Tree Care
    3. Growing & Using Herbs
    4. Canning & Preserving Food

  3. Save hours scouring the Internet by using helpful Resources inside the GIY Community
    1. A list of reputable companies selling non-GMO, organic, and heirloom seeds
    2. Seasonal Garden Checklists
    3. A Table of Cover Crops to use throughout the year
    4. Simple Garden Templates you can use to design your garden

  4. Find Your Specific Group of Gardeners by joining one of our Groups
    • God & the Gardeners - a group that finds peace, and joy and deepens their faith through gardening
    • Mothering Support Circles - a group of moms who try to find balance in homesteading, gardening, and raising our children
    • Bug ID-ers - a group of bug enthusiasts and gardeners who need help identifying their plants' bugs
    • And location-specific groups within the US, Europe, and Canada
  5. Get first-hand news about the development of our SAGE Garden Design & Planning App on Kickstarter

A Big Thanks

For growing your food

For teaching your children (and/or grandkids) the life-long skill of home agriculture 
For being open to learning more about the regenerative growing process
For practicing good stewardship of our properties, of the planet!
For drawing down excess carbon from the atmosphere through your small or big organic gardening efforts
We are here to learn from one another and encourage each other on our gardening journeys.  And we cannot do this simple but important work of backyard farming without you
Each edible yard, each patio, and each homesteading farm makes a difference.  


It's FREE to get started in the GIY Community.

We can't wait to get to know you and your garden story inside.